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Save time with responsible AI that supercharges your essay grading

Work with an AI essay grading tool that helps you save time and write better feedback with less bias with all the tools you need as a teacher, in one place.

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Smart Annotations

Save time grading while providing even richer feedback using Smart Annotations. GradeAssist analyzes the text with precision using the teacher's rubric to pinpoint successes and areas for improvement.

Grade Prediction

Save time calculating a student's final grade and back it up with a detailed breakdown of your rubric. Instantly get a Grade Prediction with high accuracy using your criteria. Take back control of your time and grading with GradeAssist.

Plagiarism Check

Promote academic integrity by leveraging our built-in Plagiarism Check and Citation technology. With GradeAssist, you have all the necessary tools integrated into your grading co-pilot for seamless plagiarism check.

AI Writing Detection

Safeguard academic integrity with our built-in AI Writing Detection technology, helping you discern Human-written texts, even from partially written AI-texts. No need to go looking for an AI writing detector — GradeAssist has the tools you need, integrated into your all-in-one grading co-pilot.

For Teachers

This is responsible AI.


Don’t compromise on security. We never sell your data, provide it for advertising purposes, or allow third parties to use it to train their models.

Industry-standard encryption during transit (TLS 1.2+) and at rest (AES-256)
Rubrics, files, essays, and other learning materials are not used to improve or train our models

Frequently asked questions

GradeAssist makes grading essays fast and easy. Work smarter with your own customized rubric criteria, personalized AI feedback and annotations, plagiarism check, grade prediction and AI writing detection on essays.
GradeAssist ensures utmost accuracy in grading and feedback by allowing you to input your own rubric criteria. It uses AI to analyze the student's submission only based on your criteria, so you're in control. It's super easy to get started, just copy the "Level 4" section of your rubric, and GradeAssist will take care of the rest!
We work hard to make GradeAssist's Grade predictions as accurate as possible. Some students have received final marks 1% above their predicted grade, but a grade within ± 5% is normal.
We take pride in GradeAssist being the most fair and objective grading tool available. We believe that the professional judgement of teachers is key to fair grading, which is why our tools only use the criteria and grade level provided by the teacher to evaluate work. We acknowledge the biases that generative AI technology may introduce, which is why we rigourously test our systems, and always remind our users that teachers are in the driver's seat.
GradeAssist does not replace teachers. In fact, we believe that humans are crucial to a fair education system. That being said, GradeAssist is a suite of tools that help teachers save time grading and reduce bias, by providing an objective preliminary analysis on student work.